Who we are and what we do!

Well our name says it all! Our focus is the “High Tech Sector” because we believe in joining forces with companies that CREATE (Genesis) technology as their main source of revenue. Founded in 2008, High Tech Genesis Inc. (HTG) is a group of specialists and consultants working in various environments.

For instance, we are focussed in creating software that is used to effectively “build” the cloud. We don’t just deploy applications there, we create software that Cloud Service Providers use to build out their infrastructure. Our network engineers provide infrastructure consulting to teach developers how their product is going to be used in the field. Our team has a history of developing security products themselves and are creating security features in existing products.

We’re rapidly growing and looking for more people who share our passion for creating something new every day. 

Our Office

High Tech Genesis

2781 Lancaster Rd. Ottawa, ON K1B 1A7