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Lab Engineer

  • San Franciso , California, United States

Job description

Location: San Francisco, USA

Term: Contract

High Tech Genesis is currently seeking a skilled Lab Engineer who will help manage a secured VxWorks and Helix Hypervisor lab environment. You would be managing a variety of targets and lab infrastructure by installing, cabling, configuring, hardening infrastructure, securing services, and collecting artifacts that comply with documentation requirements.

This person will lead with expertise in:

  • Strong understanding of electronics, networking, embedded hardware, desktop and server hardware, interfaces, drives, NICs, cabling (power, serial, USB, network, video).
  • Understand IPMI, ipmitool, serial redirection, SOL, RS232, USB serial, IPMI over SSH.
  • Understand server and target hardware, CPU architectures, RAM types and speeds, SATA, SAS, NVMe. M.2, PCIe, PCI slots, BIOS settings, memory channels, and configuration for system performance. A+ cert is not required but certainly an asset.
  • Update and configure various firmware of potentially any device on a system.
  • Use dd/copy to write new software images onto USB/Flash/Disk/SD cards.
  • Work with a wide variety of embedded systems such as ARM, Intel, and PowerPC from vendors like NXP, Intel, SiFive, Beagle Bone, Samsung, Texas Instruments and Xilinx.
  • Have a strong understanding of network configuration in Linux and network routers via CLI e.g.: VLANs, VLAN tagging, L3 routing, OSPF, LACP, LLDP, storm control, ARP, ACLs.
  • Manage PDUs, terminal servers and KVM connectivity.
  • Strong proficiency in Linux. Be able to resolve network issues, collect system data, debug and configure services.
  • Update and validate inventory using various tools like NetBox.
  • Be skilled with vi/vim, emacs or another Linux editor. Understand the basics of vi for restricted systems.
  • Understand SSL Certificates, SSH and key based authentication.
  • Understand IP networking concepts like TCP, UDP, ICMP, unicast, multicast, broadcast LLDP, VLANs, LACP, L2, L3 etc. Dell OS10 knowledge is an asset.
  • Must be a self-starter and have the research skills to find solutions to obscure problems but you can still reach out to the team as needed.
  • Have good eye for visual design and can create/update network diagrams to convey network configurations clearly and professionally.
  • Preferred: experience with Confluence, Jira (Kanban and sprint), SharePoint, Visio, Acrobat Pro, VxWorks, VxWorks bootloaders and/or our Helix hypervisor.

Job requirements

  • Computer Science, Computer Networking, Electrical Eng., or IT degree/diploma
  • Self-starter and commitment
  • 6-10 years of relevant experience with computers, networking, lab infrastructure, racks and embedded systems.
  • Strong networking background and able to work with various networking interfaces both copper and fiber.
  • Be able to occasionally lift and install heavy servers, PDUs and other lab infrastructure. Physically move, and unbox systems and targets, install shelving and systems into racks with/without cage nuts.
  • Work carefully on delicate embedded systems with ESD sensitive devices. Have hardware experience and/or electronics background.
  • Have a positive attitude, be eager to share findings and work well with others.
  • Provide great customer support to our internal engineering teams.