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Position:   Go Software Developer

ID #           4NR0311GSD

Location:  Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Term:        Permanent


Container Security is brand new in the market place!

It’s undefined and we are helping to define it!

Kubernetes in itself is exciting to a lot of people, we are pioneering the security

and how we bring security to the environment because it is untraditional.

This is what we are looking for in our champion software developer! We recognize that you may not have it all, that’s ok because we are also here to support your development!


Must have:

• Proficient with Aws Cloud Native application development including AWS Lambda, API Gateway, RDS, DynamoDB

• Skilled in API Design/Development.

• Aws, Azure or GCP public cloud service providers infrastructure exposure.

• Competent in programming languages: Go (Golang),Node, Java, Javascript, C++

• Knowledge of cloud platforms and technologies including Aws, EKS, Google Cloud Platform such as Cloud Functions and Azure.

• Familiar with cloud native technologies such as Kubernetes.

• Exposure to and/or experience with Serverless applications.

Nice to have:

• An understanding of software design patterns, pipeline automation and software testing principles and methodologies.

• Familiar with designing, coding, deploying and debugging microservices applications.

• Fantastic scripting skills such as Groovy, Python.

• Passionate about solving problems in code!

• Is proactive and easily trouble shoots and resolves issues relating to customer service, product, process and tools.

• Web Application Security experience is an asset!

Note 1:

To be legally entitled to work in Canada , you are required to meet one of the following


1. Canadian Citizenship 2. Permanent Residency 3. Valid Work Permit

Note 2:

High Tech Genesis Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Accommodations are available upon request for all aspects of the hiring process.

Please forward resume to: job.cr2e3@hightechgenesiscareers.recruitee.com

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